Isaias Crow

Isaias Crow – birth name Gibran Isaias Lopez, was born on June 8th,1978 in El Paso, TX and raised in both El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico. At the early age of five, he started drawing after seeing his father painting on a poster board.
At thirteen years of age, he branched off from traditional illustration and painting to study and explore graffiti art. Later, at 25 years old, Crow moved to San Diego, CA to attend The Art Institute of CA, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation.
Crow exists on the principles of inner and outer peace – tranquility, creativity and love. To provide positive and only positive information via public murals, speaking engagements, hands on workshops and collections of paintings. Assigning his entire body of work the objective of creating a joyful and inspiring reflection onto those who experience it.
Crow offers his family daily practices of being the best version of your inner and outer self. This life-style has been a culmination of lessons from his personal life experiences.
At an early age, Crow began to notice his parents’ state of flux from love to violent acts. Home was not the only place of flux – his environment was growing darker by the hour. Born in El Paso, Texas and raised in both El Paso and Juarez, Mexico – the missing women of Juarez began to surface and multiply incessantly.
This sprung Crow to a series of judgments and asking more questions about inner and outer peace. And as if without thought he began to explore the medium of the spray-can, a tool he used with the intention to express himself without much care for others space and privacy. It is through this channel that Crow confronted his own ego and took his inner observation to a serious and committed level to improve his well-being.
The findings were as explicit as what he had observed in his parents, he too was in a state of flux from mental limitations to spiritual confines.
Furthermore, Crow noticed that upon being in the positive creative state – all was peaceful – all was good. It was when he would stop creating that he noticed his own mental disarray.
Relentless experimenting and analyses of self and volunteers led him to uncover a universal truth – the importance of positive creativity – the much need of positive self-expression. Just like a proper diet and exercise is needed in our life’s so is positive creativity.
This allowed him to connect and tune himself to a vast well of creativity that offered him the opportunity to heal from years of accumulated pain as well as ancestral pain. What he further uncovered was that we are all light no matter the darkness that we may be experiencing.
Today, Crow creates with the intention of producing positive energy frequencies infused with layers of lines that create shapes and his command of color enhances the power each creation procures. Allowing the abstraction of each piece to deliver a message that words cannot speak. That which is infinite truth – LOVE.